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Bulk Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates

We have a long and successful history supplying ingredients to the pharmaceutical and medical supply industries. Representing the world's finest manufacturers, we supply only those products that meet the high standards of the United States pharmaceutical industry.

And not only does George Uhe Company deliver top quality products, we assist with technical and regulatory matters. Acting as the link between manufacturers, customers and regulatory agencies, the Uhe team provides essential product information - on application, stability, compatibility and other factors - to reduce cost and development time.

Another important consideration - many of today's pharmaceutical companies rely on us to be their purchasing partner...because we handle every detail of the process from beginning to end. From arranging transportation and packing...to clearing customs...to making sure every shipment arrives on time.

So if you are in pharmaceutical manufacturing, you should know Uhe. Because we have the ingredients for your success.

  • Bulk Actives
  • Intermediates
  • Excipients
  • Chirals
  • Anti-Microbials

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