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Chlorhexidine - Anti-microbial with many applications Chlorhexidine salts have a very wide range of applications in the fields of human health and personal care, food handling and animal health. Proven effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative organisms, they also have a fungicidal and sporicidal effect as well.

Although one of Chlorhexidine's primary benefits is its tremendous ability to kill bacteria on contact, it has an additional benefit that is perhaps more important - a residual effect that prevents microbial regrowth after application. This gives Chlorhexidine a clear advantage over other products such as Triclosan, PCMX or alcohols.

As a result, Chlorhexidine is one of the strongest, most effective anti-microbials available. From its importance in surgical its effectiveness in animal its role in treating gingivitis, Chlorhexidine is widely used in today's marketplace.

Chlorhexidine by Medichem, S. A. - potent and pure Uhe is the exclusive US distributor of Chlorhexidine manufactured by Medichem S.A. of Spain.

Of all the Chlorhexidine products on the market, Medichem's is considered to be of the highest quality - virtually free of impurities, specifically p-Chloroaniline. This means a longer storage life - both for Medichem's Chlorhexidine and for your finished product, verified by continuous stability testing as a part of Medichem's regular quality control program.

Medichem products meet rigorous standards Medichem's Chlorhexidine - manufactured in its ISO 9001 certified and FDA inspected factory - is FDA approved and has a current Drug Master File.

In fact, you may already know of Medichem S.A.'s reputation for consistently high quality, achieved through careful and advanced processes conducted according to Good Manufacturing Practices...stringent quality control...and strict adherence to the most demanding of international pharmaceutical protocols.

Uhe and BioScience Laboratories team up to get your new product development on the fast track In an exciting and newly initiated partnership, Uhe and BioScience Labs - the leader in anti-microbial product testing and validation - will be working together to help clients evaluate new anti-microbial products in preparation for FDA, EPA and USDA approvals.

As many Uhe clients already know, we do more than deliver top quality ingredients. We also assist with technical and regulatory matters. Acting as intermediary between manufacturers, customers and regulatory agencies, the Uhe team provides essential information to reduce cost and overall development time.

Now BioScience is available to assist you in developing and launching your products. Their expertise can simplify and speed up the tedious process by performing the clinical and in-vitro testing programs required for approval of NDA submissions to the FDA. And since BioScience is recognized as a GLP laboratory by the FDA, you can count on accurate and reliable data.

Uhe delivers the goods At Uhe, we have Medichem's Chlorhexidine in stock - and a network of warehouses across the nation that can ship it next day. For larger customers who require just in time delivery, we can arrange for storage in your locale.

So whether you are looking for Chlorhexidine - or any other pharmaceutical or personal care ingredients, be sure to find out about Uhe. Because we have all the ingredients for your success.

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